We have moved to 1379 Hibiscus St, Clearwater, Florida  33755. As we are still organizing and setting up the gardens, please call to set up appointment to meet with Jai for plants, products, consultations, etc. at 727-433-1661.

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We will have weekend business hours and workshops soon.

Look forward to seeing you soon.  Thank you for your patience.  Jai McFall

Want to grow things but you kill everything you plant?

It’s not your fault! Florida sand is very difficult to grow plants in. I teach all aspects of gardening from composting, preparing the soil and planting. I will show you how to turn that black thumb into a green thumb. Looking for a fast and easy way to get started? Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you our free guide, 3 Quick and Easy Steps to an Organic Garden.

Are bugs eating all your plants?

Preparing the soil correctly is the most important part of gardening. Once you have the correct soil you can grow anything you want to grow. The plants will not get bugs as long as you plant the correct plants in the correct locations, in the correct season and give it the correct amount of sunlight and water. Come to my workshops and I will help you do all of the above successfully.

Do you want to eat the most delicious and nutrient-dense food possible?

You can do just that! My soil preparation workshop will teach you everything that I do to grow healthy and delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs and eat fresh from your garden every day of the year.

Have you tried to grow tomatoes and failed?

Again, it is not your fault! Tomatoes need extra calcium and the sand has silica not calcium and the tomatoes are not happy and don’t produce well. I have the products to create the soil that will grow successful tomato crops that taste delicious. Come and see me and you can be eating fresh tomatoes in just a few short weeks. See also my inteview on the R U Awake Show for more.

Do your flowers/plants look ugly or bad?

No matter what kind of plants you want to grow they will be happier with proper soil preparation. Come to my workshops and learn how to compost to create healthier soil and check out our products to feed the plants and keep them healthy. You can have successful gardens here in Florida (and anywhere when you feed the plants correctly.)

Do you have fruit rats and don’t want to have fruit trees in your yard to avoid the rats?

Fruit rats have their job just like vultures do. Their job is to remove the fruit that drops from the trees and any unhealthy fruit. Proper soil preparation helps keep the fruit trees healthy so the rats are not as attracted to them and picking the fruit regularly keeps the fruit off the ground which also keeps the fruit rats away. Planting mint around the base of fruit trees also repel rats.