Our workshops have something for everyone. Whether you want to learn to grow a garden more organically, install an irrigation system, learn vertical gardening or any number of other topics, we can help you achieve you goals. Check out our schedule below and  CONTACT to sign up today!


How to Care for & Maintain Your Gardens
Learn the secrets of low maintenance gardening. It is easier than you think.

Cost: $10

Grow your own Super Foods

Why do they call Moringa & Katuk miracle plants?

Come to this delicious and informative workshop to find out how growing and eating these wonderful plants will provide you with high levels of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Learn why the Moringa, like the Katuk, is considered “survival food” with edible flowers, bark and roots.

See how these amazing plants can provide your family with nutritious, easy to grow food all year round.

Grow your own Super Foods


How to make Homemade Liqueurs

We are offering a very special workshop on how to make home-made liqueurs. Imagine organic liqueur made from fresh fruit and/or herbs without all those preservatives and chemicals.

Think of all the ooohs and ahhhhs you will get when you serve your guests some of your unique liqueur that you made yourself.

This is a great skill to have for special occasions and memorable events.

Because this is a specialized workshop, we charge $15 per person. Come prepared to learn some incredible information on making liqueurs and taste some we have made.

Cost: $15 Limit 10 people

How to properly plant seeds and plants

Come and learn hands-on how to plant a successful garden. You can even plant your own small garden and take it home with you.

Cost: $10

How to Make Homemade Pesto

You will get a basic recipe that we will use to make a batch of pesto. Then we will change the recipe to make variations with different types of basil and other herbs. You will get to taste them all and be able to impress your friends with delicious sauces.
Cost: $10 plus you get to take home a basil plant.
How to Use Herbs Fresh From the Garden

Come and learn many uses of fresh herbs: cooking, teas, salads, etc. Taste fresh herbs and our famous tea.

Cost: $10 and take home a herb plant.

Kombucha Workshop

A fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drink commonly used as beverages for their unsubstantiated health benefits.

Includes basic starting supplies and instructions. Come taste home-made Kombucha and see what you can do in your own kitchen.

Cost: $25

Flavored Kombucha Workshop

One of the greatest benefits of making your own Kombucha at home is the ability to add flavoring agents and change the flavor of the finished product and find new blends that you and your family will enjoy. Kombucha flavor can be influenced a number of ways.

Includes instructions. Come taste home-made flavored Kombucha and start making it in your own kitchen.

Cost: $20

Planting Fruit Trees in Florida

We can grow everything from peaches, pears, apples to kumquats and figs. It is amazing the variety of fruits we can grow in our back yards. And we can eat fresh fruit from many trees in just a year or so.

The problem is we don’t have good soil here and many fruit trees are dying due to that fact.

Come and learn how to properly plant them for successful, organic, edible gardens.

It’s a great time to plant them so get them now!

Cost: $10

Raised Bed Gardening

Would you like to be able to grow twice as much vegetables and flowers per square foot as ordinary beds? You can have a smaller and more manageable garden that produces more nutritious food for your table by adding a raised bed to your yard.

Come and learn the many advantages of raised bed gardening.

Cost: $10, Children are always free.


Everyone loves the tea we serve! Learn how to mix and match herbs to make delicious and nutritious herbal tea right out of your own back yard.
Cost: $10 and take home a herbplant.

Using Herbs fresh from the garden

Learn how to use herbs in your garden. Use in cooking and in tea.
Cost: Cost: $10 and take home a herb plant.
How to Prune Fruit Trees Properly

Learn how and when to prune your fruit trees to keep them healthy and to achieve the most production.
Cost: $10

Hands on Soil Preparation Class

We will teach you exactly how to prepare your soil so that you, too, can boast of a green thumb. Our 3 hour hand-on workshop gives you the experience you can take to your own garden plot and easily apply. Bring your favorite gloves and shovel.
Cost: $50 per person, $80 per couple, children free

Composting Workshop

Many people shy away from composting because they think it’s too difficult or time-consuming. Learn easy, inexpensive, and efficient ways to improve your soil while diverting unnecessary “trash” from the landfill.

Cost: $10, kids are always free

Garden Design

Do you feel good every time you look out your window or walk out your back door? You should. A well-designed yard should capture the look that will bring you happiness and joy. A successful landscape is in harmony with itself, its surroundings, your tastes and needs. Come and learn how to design your garden or backyard and create the yard you desire.
Cost: Free

Vertical Growing

If you are limited on space and would love to grow your own food, this is the workshop for you. You can grow just about anything in our EcoTower Gardens. We will show you all the tricks.
Cost: Free

Condensed Soil Preparation

Come and learn how to prepare the soil, amend it and create a flourishing and productive garden. (YES, here in Florida!) You can serve healthy, delicious and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables to your family fresh from the garden.
Cost: Free

How to install a simple and easy Irrigation System

Learn how to use common tools to lay out an irrigation system without trenching and for a fraction of the cost. It is also portable and adjustable.
Cost: Free

Butterfly Garden

Learn how to bring the butterflies and bees into your yard. It is so important to have the right flowers that they feed on. We will teach you which flowers bring in which butterflies and bees.
Cost: Free

Spring Crops

Learn about all the veggies and herbs that grow in the spring! How to plant,maintain and get maximum production.
Cost: Free

Summer Crops

We have 4 growing seasons in Florida. Let us teach you what to plant when. What crops handle the heat. How to keep your plants giving maximum production. Jai has so much wisdom to offer.
Cost: Free

Winter Crops

We have 4 growing seasons in Florida. Let us teach you what to plant when. What crops like the cool weather. How to keep your plants giving maximum production. We can eat out of our gardens 12 months of the year.
Cost: Free

Fall Crops

Learn what to plant when. What crops handle the fall weather going into cooler seasons. There is always something to grow all year around here in Florida.
Cost: Free

Ideal Water

Winston Kao has been an inventor and researcher for 25 years in the fields of water, agriculture & nutrition. He designs water filtration systems that specifically remove fluoride, chloramines, chlorine, and other toxic materials WITHOUT removing beneficial minerals. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of agriculture as relating to water, nutrition, and microbial enhancement. Come and hear him talk about tap water, bottled waters and learn what is the ideal water for our health.
Cost: Free

Kids in The Garden

It’s a proven fact that children that garden learn valuable skills and eat more fruits and veggies. Bring your children so they can learn hands-on how to plant a successful garden.

Home Schooler’s are welcome!

Cost: Free