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Wellness Tonic


Wellness tonicis a powerful blend of 13 organic plant extracts and essential oils with 84 electrolytes in purified water. It is designed to rid the body of cellular toxins and support the body’s innate healing ability. All processed foods contain additives as well as herbicides and pesticides. These build up in the body over time and effect you and can cause diabetes, cancer, autism and many other diseases. Check out our gel capsules available with this product as well.



This tonic cleanses your body at a cellular level, cleans your circulatory system, balances blood sugar and blood pressure and even cleanses toxins from the brain to help restore your balance. Recovering your health is priceless. Some people take this tonic daily and have improved their lives dramatically. An 8 oz bottle taken at 1 tablespoon daily, will last about 2 weeks. If you have an acute problem, you can take it several times a day for faster results.


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