Organic Living For All Founder Jai McFall presents the basics of successful organic gardening in clear, practical terms.

** Below the videos you will see the products to grow healthy, nutritious and organic food.**

Interview with Doug E. Fresh. Information about gardening.


Garden Magic #1 Minerals for Life

Minerals are elements essential for life and they are what gives food its flavor.

This product is mined from an ancient sea bed in Nevada and contains all the minerals from the sea, it is chelated and bioavailable.

Feed the plants at least every 3 months to keep them healthy.

Use 1/2 cup per small plants and larger amounts for trees.

1 Quart is $15, 1 gallon is $45, 4 gallons is $99.00

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Garden Magic #2 Micro-organisms


Garden Magic #2 Micro-organisms

This contains all the families of microorganisms that are supposed to be in the soil.

These are the same microorganisms that are in our gut. They help the plants take up nutrients
and use them to be healthy and they are the plants immune system.

Add 1 tablespoon in 1 gallon of water, shake it and apply to moist soil that has the minerals in it.
Do this yearly.

4 ounces is $15 and should last a couple of years depending on the size of your yard.
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Garden Magic #3 Super Food for Plants
$15.00 – $45.00


This is a mix of Bat Guano, Blood Meal and Worm Castings. It lowers the pH of the soil, kills bad
nematodes, fungus and bacteria in the soil that damages plants, and it gives them extra nutrients
that banana, papaya, tomatoes and other plants need. It gives all plants a boost.

Apply 1-2 tablespoons per plant every 3 months or if they look stresses. Apply ½ -1 cup to tomatoes, bananas and other stressed plants.

1 Quart is $15, 1 gallon is $45
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Garden Magic #4 Biochar


Garden Magic #4 Biochar

This was developed by the Mayan Indians 6,000 years ago down in Brazil.

It holds 5 times as much moisture as regular soil, holds onto the minerals but releases them
when needed by the plants, it is the perfect living place for the microorganisms, it helps purify
the soil and the water going thru it, and the most important thing it does is fix carbon in the soil,
& carbon is to the plants what oxygen is to us.

This is a one-time application as we guarantee it will last for a thousand years.
A 5 gallon bag is $45.00

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Vertical Garden Planter
$20.00 – $90.00


The vertical garden planter allows you to grow flowers and vegetables very efficiently in a small space. Purchase one level at a time for $20 each, $90 for 5 levels ($18 each).

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