Kyminasi Plant Booster

The Latest Technology for Plants is now
Available for Gardeners!

What is this product?

Kyminasi Plant Booster by Organic Living For All is a new device to improve plant health. It is a simple device that installs into your home watering system or onto your hose with a simple adapter. The Kyminasi Plant Booster stimulates nutrient absorption and photosynthesis for all plants, including lawns.

By simply installing the Kyminasi Plant Booster device into your watering system, your grass and plants will be greener, flowers will bloom faster and with more blooms and food plants will produce more fruit that is higher in nutrients. It is not a fertilizer, but it will amplify the nutrients in your soil.

The grass in the public park in this picture was always brown and worn due to high foot traffic. WIth Kyminasi Plant Booster for 2 weeks, the grass is much greener and more healthy, without added additional fertilizer or seed!

Perennials like trees and shrubs will come to life faster and bloom earlier than ever before. This also means more fruit from fruit-bearing plants. After only 1 month, the tangerine trees in the picture to the right is full of life and already blooming. The tree without Kyminasi Plant Booster is just barely getting started.

How does it work?

(Technical alert!)
Over 20 years of research went into the development of Kyminasi Plant Booster. Rather than focusing on external inputs like fertilizer or pesticides, the inventor focused on the biological processes of the plant itself. He discovered that healthy plants give off very signals during nutrient absorption and photosynthesis. He theorized that by introducing these signals to unhealthy plants, he would be able to restore the plant’s metobolism to healthy levels. Sure enough, after thousands of experiments and many years of refinement, he developed a device that can dramatically improve the health of virtually any plant; all without chemicals, fertilizer or pesticides!

Why should you use it?

Not only is Kyminasi Plant Booster the most advanced technology available for farming or gardening, it makes gardening easy and affordable.

Many gardeners have reported substantially reducing the need for fertilizers, pesticides or other additives in their lawn and garden.

And the best part is, it’s totally organic! Their are no chemicals or additives with the Kyminasi Plant Booster, so you have piece of mind knowing that you and your family will not be exposed to toxic chemicals, in your environment or in your food.

See this amazing technology for yourself!

This product makes your lawn and garden flourish, while saving you time and money on water, fertilizer and labor.