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Grow your own nutrient-dense food

Organic Living

Grow your own nutrient-dense food

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You can grow the type of food you pay a lot for and you can learn to spot the differences in truly organic food and all others.

Join the Food Revolution!

What is the cost?

A reduced grocery bill, no side effects and a long healthy life. It’s a lifestyle change not a diet.

What is the reason there is so much disease these days? 2 things: lack of minerals is #1 and #2 is toxins in our foods. Why minerals are so important? Minerals are needed for the body to work properly, for growth and development. Minerals are essential for health

Healthy cells are made from healthy food which is organic, natural & fresh. What is food? It is what nourishes our bodies and gives us natural energy. It is not processed food.

Lawns are status symbols and are very costly. U.S. households dump 90 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides on their lawns each year, according to the EPA. Rodale’s Organic Life says, “lawn care is as much of a danger to our health and the environment as conventional agriculture is.” Dogs exposed to lawn care chemicals have a higher risk of bladder cancer and exposure to lawn pesticides can increase the risk of childhood leukemia almost 7 times.

Hundreds of years ago, we ate 20 teaspoons of sugar a year. Today, we eat over 150 pounds per year per person, or half a pound a day. The average school kid eats 34 teaspoons of sugar a day.

Food manufacturers, disguise sugar in foods. Sugar is 9 times more addictive than cocaine and it paralyses the immune system.

Obesity is one of the biggest preventable chronic diseases. Currently, the costs range from $147 billion to nearly $210 billion per year. 6 out of 10 adults & 3 in 10 kids are obese. Obese children become overweight adults and will suffer premature ill health and mortality. Do you know why?

Vegetables that contain all 8 essential amino acids: carrots, broccoli family; corn, cukes, eggplant; kale; Okra; peas; potatoes; summer squash; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; bananas.

Jai McFall, Master Gardener & Organic Garden Educator

Educating people about organic gardening and healthy living is what I do.