In order to grow healthy food, you need to understand about Minerals.

What are minerals and why do we need them?
The truth is that most people, if not all, are lacking minerals. Why is that important?

Our world is made up of minerals. Everything on this planet is made up of minerals.

What are minerals?
Minerals are inorganic substances, which occur naturally in non-living things such as water, rocks and soil. Minerals are elements essential for life- All life: plants, animals, birds, bugs, people, anything that is alive.

Our bodies cannot manufacture them nor can they function properly without them. How do we get minerals?

Plants are supposed to absorb the minerals from the soil and then people, animals, bugs, etc. eat the plants and get the minerals that way as well as through water.

The problem is that Minerals are no longer in the soil. So the plants are not able to absorb them which makes them weak and unhealthy which attracts bugs and disease resulting in pesticides being sprayed on them. So, many of our foods have toxins on them as well as lacking the minerals we need , adding to our compromised immune systems.

Why are minerals important?
Minerals are essential for all bodily functions. They build strong bones and teeth, blood, skin, hair, nerve & muscles. They are necessary for metabolic processes such as those that turn the food we eat into energy.

So, minerals are needed for the body to work properly, for growth, development, and for maintaining normal health.

Different minerals are required in different amounts but they are all essential. Minerals that are needed in bigger amounts on a daily basis are known as macro or major-minerals. Minerals that are needed in smaller amounts are known as micro-minerals or “trace elements”.

Do you know how many minerals should be in the soil to have healthy plants?
90! Yes ninety. Our bodies need those 90 also. That lack is one of the biggest reasons people are so weak and unhealthy.

And minerals do need to be balanced. Take too much calcium and you throw off the balance between it and magnesium as well misbalancing other minerals.
Lacking vitamins the body can make use of minerals but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless. So, if you are purchasing vitamins and not getting the 90 minerals you are wasting your money as the body will not be able to utilize the vitamins.

It is essential that you get minerals naturally and in usable form.
Here is an experiment you can do with your children. Put some corn flakes that say fortified with iron in a baggie and seal it. Take a rolling pin or a sealed can and roll it over the corn flakes until they are crumbs. Get a large magnet and put it on top of the baggy and you will see iron filing sticking to the magnet. You can see the fortified iron but it is not absorbable or usable by the body.

Many minerals that are sold as supplements are actually byproducts of industry and are not natural and many times not absorbable and can be toxic. Most of the time there are only about 18 minerals added which is vastly short of the 90 minerals needed by our bodies.

Hippocrates said,
“Let thy food be thy medicine, let thy medicine by thy food”

You can restore your health, your vitality and your joy with a change in diet and lifestyle.

That is why I teach people how to grow their own food organically by adding minerals, microorganisms and other essential, natural and safe products to the soil so that it is alive and feeds the plants what they need. Then we can eat food that really does feed our bodies with everything we need to rebuild and heal our bodies.

We carry human grade minerals from an ancient seabed in Nevada that are balanced, natural and bio-available (can be taken up and used by the body). Those are on our website along with many other wonderful products, and you can order them and start taking them immediately and begin your journey back to health.

Do you or anyone you care about suffer from cancer, diabetes, or other diseases? Do you fear the future? Are you terrified that it’s just going to get worse?

If you continue to eat and live the same way, it will only get worse as you know. How do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years? Is it a scary future? Are you ready to change and create a better future?

Start your new life now!! You can create an amazing future!

Gandhi said “We must be the change we seek in the world.”

Here are 12 simple steps to start: Do one daily and keep them in.
1. Day One-Decide to make a change in your health
2. Day Two-List the challenges you want to address
3. Day Three-Make a commitment to complete the plan
4. Day Four-Write the Goals that you want to meet during the coming 10 weeks & put it somewhere you can see it daily
5. Day Five-Write your imagination exercises from Chapter 3 on your mirror and focus on them daily.
6. Day Six Keep a gratitude journal as in Chapter 4.
7. Day Seven-Begin to clean out your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator-get rid of all processed foods, replace ONLY with healthy, organic foods and drinks
8. Day Eight-Use new healthy recipes and prepare more healthy meals
9. Day Nine-Take some time daily to appreciate your life
10. Day Ten-Let your friends know what you are doing and invite them to join you, share what you are learning and make meals together
11. Day Eleven-Exercise and walk on a regular basis
12. Day Twelve-Ensure you sleep 7-8 hours every night so your body can heal

This may seem like a lot, do what you can. Praise yourself for the changes you are making. If you mess up, forgive yourself and start over. It takes 3 weeks to create new habits so just keep on, you will make it.

Your new future will make you feel wonderful, look better and feel better. Reward yourself when you reach milestones: you lost 5 pounds; clothes are getting looser; cravings are gone, not stressed, etc.

I like to reward myself with a new book to read, get a video from the library, cooking a meal with a friend, getting my hair done, getting a new herb for my garden, sharing a journey with a friend etc.

Enjoy the transformation and recognize that many people stay trapped in their habits, sickness and misery. You are actually very courageous taking these steps, so feel proud of yourself.