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At Organic Living we believe that the people of earth deserve healthy food to eat and a healthy environment to live in. We are introducing you to a new technology that enhances nutrient absorption and photosynthesis in plants.

Welcome to the Future of organic gardening!

After decades of research, a micro-transmitter system has been developed that stores specific frequencies, which correspond to the actual different biophysical signals, capable of promoting the vital processes of plants, in a completely natural and non-invasive way.

This ultimately stimulates nutrient absorption and fruit production in plants, so they grow faster, yield more flowers and fruit, and they resist insects and disease better than ever before.

Jai McFall, Master Gardener & Organic Garden Educator

Educating people about organic gardening and healthy living is what I do.

This device is programed with over 3,000 unique signals to enhance many aspects of plant health including increase of:
nitrogen absorption
Carbon dioxide absorption
Water absorption
Photosynthesis efficiency
Pest and disease resistance
Flower and fruit production
Increased nutrient absorption
Increased brix ratings of fruit (an Indicator of food Quality).

How do you install it? The transmitter system is directly plumbed in on your irrigation system or attached to your hose, it is very simple.

This will send the frequencies to your plants every time the water flows through it.It will last for 2 years.